How to Find a Reputable Internet Marketing Mentor

If you’re tired of your day job and are frustrated working for other people, then you just might have the entrepreneurial itch to make it online. Becoming an internet marketer is not something that everyone is cut out to do. Oftentimes you’re hanging from a guide wire, and while the internet has been around now for a few years, we’re still talking relatively new territory here. And this is a territory whose face keeps changing with the changing times. So how does one go about finding a reputable internet marketer mentor?First Things First
If you’re serious about becoming an internet marketer — think about the ways that you can do that:
Do you have an offline product already that might fit well with the internet?
Do you have talents and skills that are marketable, that someone can learn something from?
Have you thought of starting your own business, maybe as a consultant?
Do you have an idea for a book that you think will help people out?
Are you a DIY’er who knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff?
Are you mechanically inclined and can you teach what you know?
Do you have hobbies that are shared by others?
Are you interested in affiliate marketing, making recommendations to others?
Are you a writer?
Most Anything Has an Internet Application in One Way or Another
What most people don’t understand is that the Internet is already replacing several of the standard services we are used to. The internet is impacting the following:
Newspapers and journalism
Advertising and Marketing
Book Publishing
Music Publishing
Retail Shopping
I am sure there are more impacts that are apparent to others, but all in all, the internet is changing the face of how we do business, and how we receive our information. This is huge.And it has huge potential as well.Print advertising I surmise, will be something of the past. If people want to know about something, even if they do find a print advertisement, now they go online to delve deeper into that.And that’s where internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and article marketing come into play. Learning how to use the internet to promote business and provide the needed information people are looking for can garner a nice salary for folks without impacting the cost of goods sold.Marketing and Advertising Have Moved Online
Stick, brick and mortar businesses are so much more expensive to run, but if the work that you do calls for it, then turning to the internet to advertise your offline business is the most logical thing to do. Why? Because that’s where the people are. Folks are simply not reading the newspapers like they used to, if they are, they are reading them online. It has been statistically proven that people are leaving their televisions behind and going online.Finding a mentor to teach you the means of using the internet to market your business on or off line is something that makes total sense to me. Why reinvent the wheel, why start from scratch when you can learn how to do something from someone else who’s already got a proven track record in the doing of it?Picking The Right Internet Marketing Mentor
To find the right mentor for you, it’s really about establishing the basics and the finding the right personality “fit.” Here are some of the basics:
Is your mentor branded in his field?
Have you read reviews on your mentor?
Have you compared the prices of his program to others in his field?
Do you get a good feeling for their web page or does it feel like you’re being schmoozed?
If what they’re “selling” is to good to be true — trust your gut — it is.
Does their approach seem honest and forthright or do you detect shadows?
Are the reviews of the program attempts at just selling products or do they seem honest?
Does your proposed mentor have real world experience?
The bottom line is this: if you’re going to be spending your money having someone teach you something, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and you walk away enriched from the process. Just because a “how-to” internet marketing product costs a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s going to add value to your life. Whatever the cost, it should add value to your life.