Basic Business Tips

Starting a small business can be challenging. It takes hard work
and dedication to make the business a success. It also takes plenty
of planning and some financial savvy to be successful. Many small
businesses fail within the first 3 to 5 years. You can avoid
problems by using some of these important basic business tips.Research before you start. When deciding on the type of business
you want to have start by researching to find out as much as you
can about it. Many people find that it is beneficial to work in the
business as an employee for a time before starting your own similar
business. This helps you to see the inner workings of the business
before you take on the challenge yourself.Choose a business that’s on it’s way in – not out. Technology
has come a long way in a short amount of time. While new technology
is, in general, very good be aware that it can also jeopardize some
types of businesses. For example, small bookstores are being put
out of business by larger superstores along with Internet book
sales. Don’t choose a type of business that is on the decline.Follow the trends. Keep up with newspapers and magazines,
particularly those directly related to your business. Watch for
current trends and determine how these trends could affect your
business. Use trends to help keep your business fresh and new.Know your numbers. Keeping a budget on paper is the only good
way to know for sure that you can meet your goals. A budget is
imperative to running a good business. If you aren’t good with
numbers hire an accountant who can keep your books for you. He or
she can help you plan your anticipated intake and will make sure
that you are on track towards attaining your financial goals.Use a business plan. Whether your business is small or large
every business needs a business plan. This plan should state your
purpose and mission statement as well as financial information
detailing your expectations for the business. Business plans are
needed if you want to have any investors take part in your business
and are also necessary if you need to get a small business loan
from the bank.Staff your business properly. This means not only with the right
numbers of employees but also the right type of employees. Be sure
to use the interview process to eliminate some people and narrow
the field down to the best group of candidates that you can. If you
are having trouble getting the right quality people consider using
a staffing service or employee finding service to help you out.
They have experience in screening for potential employees so you
only need to evaluate the best of the best.Pay attention to detail, but don’t get lost in it. Make easy
decisions as quickly as you can so that you can spend time on the
important tasks. Think about the key ingredients of your business.
One of these key areas that is often overlooked is the
telecommunications plan. Consider how the phones will be used in
your business. For instance, do people call in for orders? If so
you may need to set up a small call center. You can be prepared for
a call center or for high call volume by carefully planning the
phone system for growth. Think about using a T1
line for reliability and benefits. A T1 allows for enough
bandwidth for many types of applications.

The Business Traveller – Tips for Motels

For the weary business traveller a Motel can be a ‘home away from home.’ After spending hours on the road and in meetings, a motel provides a place where they can relax and unwind. That is why it is important a Motel provides the service and the small luxuries to make a business guests’ stay comfortable and hopefully memorable.When booking Motel accommodation a discerning business traveller will look for:
internet connection
work space
clean, comfortable and quiet rooms
a TV
breakfast facilities
central location
corporate rates.
Wireless internet connection is vital for today’s business. Most Motels are able to provide this service, some will even provide a set amount of Data for free. Internet access not only enables the business traveller to work, but also gives them the freedom of staying connected to their friends and family in the evenings, when they may need it most.Internet access is also essential for Motels that have conference and/or meeting rooms. Technology such as video conferencing, interactive training, and online product demonstrations, all require business guests to access high-speed internet. Printing facilities should also be provided by reception, as with fax, and where possible a projector.A small work space is also important for the business traveller. Where possible a Motel should provide a desk and chair, or similar set-up, to enable a business guest to use their laptop and spread out documents as needed.Besides the obvious work needs, a business traveller values a clean and comfortable Motel room. Updating or refurbishing rooms every 5 to 10 years is an effective way to keep your Motel looking modern and fresh. Even small changes such as new bedspreads and curtains can make a difference in how a guest will perceive your Motel. A quiet Motel is also an advantage, no guests want to hear the room next door or traffic/city noise at night. The quietest Motels are usually built with solid brick/stone walls and are away from main roads and night spots.A TV with access to many channels, or even free DVD’s provided by the Motel, are other examples of how you can satisfy a weary traveller. Also providing small luxuries such as tea and coffee, milk, and toiletries, enables the business traveller to relax and feel more at home. Extras such as room service breakfast or breakfast facilities, are of even greater benefit when you have business guests staying.Location is also key to the business guest. Centrally located Motels are excellent, especially if you can direct the guest to a good restaurant or bar within walking distance. Usually businesspeople have been on the road all day and do not feel like travelling at night to find a place to eat or drink.Another facility that makes life easier for business guest is ground level parking, preferably outside the guests room. This is especially important for businesspeople who carry goods with them.Lastly, Motel reception has to be friendly and organised, especially when business travellers are tired. And don’t forget to provide the great corporate rate to the business savvy guest, that and loyalty cards/vouchers are a great way to keep the business guests coming back.

Why International Business Travellers Need Specialized Travel Insurance Cover

In this work driven world, people are goal-oriented and often financially driven; and sometimes people take for granted the importance of physical safety. Insurance makes security tangible. The insurance industry has delved its hands into various aspects of life, securing animals to kids to education to cars. You name it, insurance can secure it. Insurance has become so important in our everyday life that it’s now considered an imperative need.The largest group of insurance companies are engaged in the travel insurance business. These insurance companies typically offer specialised policies to business travellers. The policies cover risks associated with international or domestic travel which include accidents, deaths, trip cancellations, lost tickets, damage to properties like car rentals and other concerns related to travelling. Procuring this type of insurance is important because it provides security not only to the traveller but also the employer.Business travellers, especially those travelling internationally, are people on the go. Their employers are potential policy holders. Business travellers are exposed to more risks. The risk covered by the corporate travel insurance is unique to the business the traveller represents. For example, a business traveller working as a car dealer meets an accident while on a Cessna plane can be compensated by a travel insurance covering the risks of medical expenses while working on the job. In getting a corporate travel insurance policy, it is important to tailor the policy in order to cover all the risks that the business traveller is exposed to in relation to the work he’s involved in. Equity dictates that tailored fit policies are necessary for the safety and security of both the employer and the business travellers because of the basic reason that their travels are considered work; it is but a natural obligation for the employers to compensate and insure them.Corporate travel insurance differs from the usual holidaymaker insurance because it cover more risks and could be specialised in accordance to the type of business the business traveller represents. For example, if the business traveller is working for mining company, the travel insurance policy can include accidents met while visiting a mining site. Because of this specialisation feature, the premium paid for these corporate travel insurance is higher than the usual travel insurance.A tailored corporate insurance policy is being offered by various insurance companies. One of the most comprehensive policies is the group business travel insurance. For this type of insurance, it is important that the insured or the policy holder is the employer and the beneficiaries are the employees or group members. As to the requirements, each insurance policy provides for different requirements; basically if the employer can pay the premium and the insurance company is willing to cover the risk then a tailored group business insurance policy can be issued.People work to earn a living. Often than not their work is the cause of their injuries. It is important for employers as well to prevent lawsuits filed by employees they send for travel. The best and equitable solution is to procure corporate travel insurance.